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PropertiesFor Sale Hotel, Veliko Tarnovo, Tsarevets [ID: 2277]

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For Sale Hotel, Veliko Tarnovo, Tsarevets [ID: 2277]

Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Veliko Tarnovo
ID: 2277
Floorage:500 m2
City:Veliko Tarnovo
Price: € 461 000
€ 922 / m2
The hotel is ideally located on a quiet street in the old part of the town. It is near the historical fortress Tsarevets. There are lots buildings with historical and cultural significance in the vicinity.

The beautifully furnished hotel offers six rooms and one apartment. All rooms are equipped with an air-conditioner, mini-bar, telephone, internet access.

Guests of the hotel have at their disposal a cosy tavern with a fireplace.

Hotel-tavern is situated in the ancient house of the same name, which was built before the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke in 1864 by an unknown master-builder. The house was the property of Konchashooglu bei and after that - the Parashkevovi family.

It was constructed at two levels, the upper one - purposed for living, situated at the inner side of "Chitalishtna" street in a spacious yard. The house is extremely interesting because of the manner of construction and the inventive architectural solutions, conformable to the position and the steep terrain. Its Southern side follows the line of the narrow and curved "Silvester" street, which at this exact spot turns and joins "Chitalishtna" street, and therefore it is curved itself as well. It is this situation that impacted the plan of the building which is quite complicated. The entrance to the second floor is on the side of the yard and it is from there that the saloon and the living premises are entered. It is typical for this floor that on the side of "Silvester" street are formed corner bow-windows above the street line curved ground floor where there are premises used for basements and stores. The long street line curved front of the house is coated in brick plates and is speckled by well arranged proportional windows. With its well formed and structured architecture, the building inspires stability and hardiness by carrying over the spirit of its time. This specific and interesting manner of constructing, as well as its location , are the reasons for it to be declared a monument of material culture. Many important administrative buildings such as Konaka, kadiinicata (the court), tiurmata (the prison) and Deboya (the court archive) which were forming the Turkish administrative center are neighboring on the house. The authenticity and style of the house itself are conserved in hotel-tavern , thus giving the opportunity to the guests to feel the atmosphere of the Renaissance period.

Обявената цена на имота НЕ ВКЛЮЧВА:
- посредническото възнаграждение по сделката (комисионна);
- такса обслужване (събира се само за сделки, осъществявани без комисионна за купувача);
- дължимите от страните по сделката местен данък, нотариални такси и съдебна такса за вписване на нотариалния акт.

Повече за начинът, по който се формират разходите по сделката »
Consultant: Mariiana Todorova
Phone: +359 62 606064
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