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PropertiesFor Sale House, Blagoevgrad district, Kovachevitsa [ID: 1053]

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For Sale House, Blagoevgrad district, Kovachevitsa [ID: 1053]

House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
House Blagoevgrad district
ID: 1053
Floorage:200 m2
City:Blagoevgrad district
Price: € 117 800
€ 589 / m2
These stone houses are settled on the south side of the Rhodope Mountains, endowed with warm sunbeams and remarkable sunsets all the year round. Some of the most inviting Bulgarian mountain resorts, including Leshten and Kovachevicha are located in this area. Thracians and Romans of ancient times discovered the beauty of these lands and settled here. These stories have been told by the treasures and artifacts discovered in ancient ruins.
Nowadays this region can meet the requirements of the connoisseur. . It is located 5 km from the widely known Ognyanovski mineral springs. One of the prettiest Bulgarian towns of Gotse Delchev is only 15 km drive from the village, offering all the conveniences of modern society. World famous Bansko ski resort is a 20 minute drive and a 40 minute drive separates the south side of Rhodope Mountain from the beautiful Aegean coastal resorts. Thessaloniki airport and new highways contribute to comfort of foreign visitors and investors, a combination of these facts makes this region one of most attractive for Bulgarian and international investments and properties for renting and buying.
The houses presented in the gallery are totally orientated towards preservation of unique Bulgarian customs and culture, most characteristic of the Rhodope Mountains, famous for it’s striking and outstanding beauty. The houses are made of ecological clean and qualitative materials mainly wood, stone and hammered ironwork laid by hands of old master-builders. The architectural disposition of the houses, to great extent, is borrowed from time-honoured traditions, applicable for our four seasons and created to give coziness, safety, warmth in the winter and freshness in the summer heat. This presents a unique atmosphere combined with the contemporary needs and standards of the 21st century.
All houses dispose of large tavern, kitchen and WC on the first storey. Hand-made stone fireplace, stone floor, decorations made of wooden and iron are an irreplaceable part of the drawing-room. The bedrooms are located on the second or third storey and each of them has a separate fireplace and toilet with the purpose of renting rooms. One of most attractive elements of this kind of construction is the panoramic veranda called “chardak”, always facing south to catch last rays of sunset. The Rhodope Mountains offer splendid views during any season, so captivating chardak scenery is compulsory.
Another attractive part of the house is the roof made with stone tiles, unique to this area. Every house disposes of yard space with area from 200 to 500 sq.m., used for lovely winter and summer garden with barbecue. Dear clients, In order to facilitate your choice, the team of Stone Houses informs you that most used parameters for this kind houses are as follows:
А plot with area from 200 to 500 sq.m. depending on real estate opportunity (there is possibility of special orders). A built-up area of 50-180 sq.m. (there is possibility of special orders). A total built-up area from 150 sq.m. to 300 sq.m. (2 or more storey)
Time of implementation – 6 to 12 months depending on the design complexity.
Use the opportunity to design your future home in Bulgaria.

Обявената цена на имота НЕ ВКЛЮЧВА:
- посредническото възнаграждение по сделката (комисионна);
- такса обслужване (събира се само за сделки, осъществявани без комисионна за купувача);
- дължимите от страните по сделката местен данък, нотариални такси и съдебна такса за вписване на нотариалния акт.

Повече за начинът, по който се формират разходите по сделката »
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