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NEWSERA® Balkan Estate took part in BalPEx (Balkan Property Exhibition)

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For Sale House, Veliko Tarnovo district, Plakovo
€ 15 340
For Sale House, Gabrovo district, Kosarka
€ 16 000
For Sale 3 rooms appartment, Veliko Tarnovo, Center
€ 83 000
For Sale Regulated plot , Gabrovo district, Turkincha
€ 20 700
For Sale Multiple rooms appartment, Veliko Tarnovo district, Gorna Oryahovitsa
€ 33 233
For Sale Regulated plot , Veliko Tarnovo district, Yalovo
€ 150 000 € 100 000

ERA® Balkan Estate took part in BalPEx (Balkan Property Exhibition)

19 April 2011, 17:27

ERA® Balkan Estate participated in the second Balkan Property Exhibition - BalPEx. It was held on 5th-7th October 2007 in Sofia. BalPEx established as one of the most prominent real estate exhibitions in South-Eastern Europe. ERA® Balkan Estate and other ERA® agencies presented a variety of offers for house buildings, holiday apartments, plots of land and commercial properties. The mission of Balkan Property Exhibition is to offer the customers the unique opportunity of a direct access to the supply from Bulgaria and the region, as well as to continue the traditional exchange of information, offers and services with regional partners. Along with that we aim to focus the foreign investors' interest on BalPEx as an event which gives the most accurate market picture and the basic factors behind its development.

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For Sale Office, Veliko Tarnovo, Kolju Ficheto
€ 52 500
For Sale Business building, Veliko Tarnovo, Promishlena zona
€ 300 000 € 250 000
For Sale House, Veliko Tarnovo district, Belyakovets
€ 355 000 € 295 000

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